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WHY 3markable? 


We are 3 remarkable women with a shared passion to help businesses and stakeholders on their respective journeys. We come from very different backgrounds, but our collective experience provides a unique perspective on the challenges faced from both sides of the employment relationship. 


We write articles and create conversations about the nuances of work and life to make the workplace a little more human. 


Joanne Guy is an experienced workplace professional with over 10 years in a leadership role. She is motivated to help organisations and teams build a culture of personal growth and happiness which in turns leads to improved creativity and productivity. She is a conscious connector of people and sees great opportunities arising from a global, remote & hybrid workforce. 

Lisa Nicholas has worked in manufacturing and engineering for 20 years and due to her experience in recent years has realised a passion for inclusion and belonging in the workplace, particularly regarding women in male-dominated environments. She would like to see more businesses consider the effects of their culture on employee retention and satisfaction which will ultimately expand market reach and improve profit.   


Kate Marston of Mast People Support is a former Detective Sergeant from the Metropolitan Police, who went on to lead the investigations function at a FTSE 100 luxury brand. She now runs an investigations, HR and ethics consultancy that helps organisations navigate the choppy waters they may find themselves in and help reduce financial losses, reputational damage, litigation and negative impacts on employee morale and productivity.  


Mother Working from Home


In this episode we have a special guest - Serena Williams. We discuss how businesses can better prepare around the topic of parental leave and support their people returning to work after becoming a parent. We also share our own personal stories and give tips that are encouraging, achievable and tailored to promote a healthy, adaptable and confident re-boarding back to work.

Women Holding Hands


Our first project together is celebrating International Women’s Day 2021. We have planned a week to celebrate and promote Women’s well-being, female support networks and mentoring and to raise awareness for workplace topics that are close to our heart, pregnancy loss and sexual harassment. Our conversation today is about building your support network.

Friends at the Beach


Meet Kate, Lisa and Jo and hear why they have created the 3markable podcast