Female Developers


Who are Mast People Support and what are we about?


Mast People Support was set up in 2020 by Kate Marston. Kate is a former Detective Sergeant from the Metropolitan Police who went on to lead the investigations function at a FTSE 100 luxury brand.


She is CIPD accredited and is in a fairly unique position when it comes to the support she can offer to organisations. She has a broad wealth of experience in law enforcement, retail, manufacturing, supply chain and corporate environments. 


Kate is on the board of Women in Ethics and Compliance, an accredited platinum member of HR Independents and a member of the Association of Corporate Investigators. She is part of an initiative called 3markable and is a Mentor for The Girl’s Network.

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Our Values

Experts in what we do
Keep it simple

Our values are engrained in everything we do.

Whether it is how we interact with our customers, in the service we deliver or how we price our work.

It also extends to who we partner with and collaborations we get involved in. 

We strongly believe in giving back and support a number of organisations with their work to help others.

More information can be found here.  


“Kate was interviewed as part of our #choosetochallengeharrasment event where she provided us with an informative interview on a very important and sensitive subject. 


Kate was able to draw on her wealth and variety of experience to engage our diverse audience. By drawing on her personal experience she created a comfortable environment which was demonstrated by the responsiveness of our Q&A session.


As an industry, construction has a long way to go to fully eradicate workplace harassment, by holding sessions of this nature with such a knowledgeable presenter as Kate we were able to bring issues to the for front of people’s minds and remind people speaking up is so important and that you do not have to stay silent for the sake of your career. Kate was able to reassure people of the safety nets that are in place once an investigation is launched. Thank you Kate, for making our event a success”

Natalie Keogan - Chair of the Lendlease Gender Equality Group

"We had chosen Kate to represent us at a stressful time for the company, a time in which internally we were unable to give the required effort into the case that has been ongoing for some time.


Working with Kate has been a massive lift off our shoulders and after a few calls with Kate it was clear that she had great understanding of the case, especially as an outsider looking in. Kate was very professional and had taken steps to make the process as fair as possible and her work had been undoubtedly backed up with good evidence that gave us much confidence.


I would highly recommend working with Mast People Support and would look to their services in the future to gain reliable and thought out support for our company."

KP - Manufacturing and Distribution Company