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Protecting you, your people and your business. 

When difficult situations arise, organisations naturally look to the law, their processes, and procedures in order to properly respond to the situation and manage the risks of the business.


Generally, these are well defined and well structured, however in our experience, they’ve been created in isolation and so end up being pieces of the puzzle that just don’t quite fit together, meaning that things can fall between the cracks, despite an organisation’s best efforts. 


This is where Mast People Support can help. With experience that ranges across these various aspects, we act as the glue that brings everything together through strategic support, practical advice, and a people-centered approach.

Review of Speak Up Processes

What analysis of your speak up services do you undertake? Are the right channels being utilised when your people Speak Up? If not why not? Is confidence high in your investigation process?

Navigating Serious Criminal Offences

Sadly scenarios like our case study below, or domestic abuse are impacting workplaces more frequently – are you providing the right support to employees whilst protecting your organisation?

Policies and Procedures

Have you crafted these so that they align with your culture? When incidents happen do these act as your guidance or are they a hinderance?

Are your teams aware of how these impact what they do?

Intelligence and Risk Profiling 

Do you ever feel that utilising the experience and skill set of an investigator could provide you with the information you require to make a sound business decision or path forward?



Sam*, a People Team Senior Leader who had previously utilised Mast People Support’s training services, got in contact to say they had a complex and sensitive situation that they wanted some support with.


An employee had recently disclosed that they had been seriously sexually assaulted by a business associate of the organisation the previous year, whilst travelling with work. They were now worried, due to team movements, that other employees could be at risk.


Sam wanted to ensure the organisation responded appropriately to these serious allegations, supported the employee and protected other employees working with the business associate. 


Given our Founder, Kate’s, depth of knowledge across investigations, the police and criminal system, and corporate risk, she was asked if she would meet with the employee to support them and the organisation on the best way forward.


Ultimately the employee wanted to be and feel safe, the business wanted to understand further information on the disclosure and take any necessary steps in response. 


Kate’s approach was to create a safe space for the employee to speak about their fears and work through “what if” scenarios, including ones others had deemed irrational. Drawing on her policing experience, Kate was able to provide context of the criminal justice system and statistics to aid the discussions with the individual to demystify the system and work through their fears.


Following the conversations with the employee and working in partnership with Sam, the result was:
  • That the employee felt safer and more in control with a plan in place for worst case scenarios. 

  • The employee was able to continue work there having been treated with dignity and respect.

  • Several suggestions were made to tighten the organisation’s current policies and procedures

  • Aid the work of the legal team in the severance of the contract of the business associate with minimal risk.

  • Support provided to line management who felt “out of their depth” and impacted by the events.


My experience with Mast People Support and their investigation services exceeded my expectations in every aspect. Their expertise, impartiality, support, and commitment to simplicity truly made a difference. I wholeheartedly recommend Kate and her team to anyone needing a thorough and reliable investigation service. Their dedication to fulfilling their core values is evident, and their professionalism sets them apart.

- Group HR Director, Manufacturing 

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